How does the camp work?

Structure of the camp

The who-lives-with-whom is a self-governed camp.
That means that we all influence and shape how this will be. We want to help each other and make it nice and work. But take care of yourself and don’t overwork. If lots of people take part, work is often more fun an it’s also a nice possibility to get to know others.

There are lots of possibilities to help. For example by improving the camp, also aesthetically, doing workshops, cooking, cleaning, spending time with kids and much more.
Have a look at the info-places or ask some people to find out where help is needed. We are happy for everybody taking part!

Participants will meet frequently in order to organize the camp. We are looking forward for you participation.
On a plenum, you can also tell you ideas and recommendations or concerns and problems and we will try to find some solution.

If there’s something you’d like to share, show or discuss, offer a workshop!
Gathering, crafting, games, discussions, lectures – there are lot of possibilities! You don’t need to be a pro and you can also do a workshop spontaneously. Take courage and comfort!
You can then write your workshop into the timetable. A short description will help others to get an idea what it will be about or how your workshop will look like. If you aren’t sure if your workshop fits, just ask the info-team or other participants.

At the info-board, you can see what needs to be done. If you’d like to help, please write down your name. Working together is easier and more fun.

In general, the first shifts should also be done by person who’ve already done this before. So in the meantime and afterwards they can show new ones how to do it. So the next people in the next shift can show the next ones and so on.

construction and dismantling
We are happy for every helper here. We start to build the camp at 11th of July and building it back starts at 21st of July.
Where can I sleep?
There are several areas where you can pitch your tent.
There is also dormitory a for people who don’t have one. There are also some trees for hammocks and areas for caravans.

Support us with a donations
In order to be able to fund this camp, we are also depended on your financial support. You find all about that here (in german, in english soonish). None of us will earn money from this. We will spend all the money for re-funding this or financing the next camp.

At the info-board, you can find out more about the (running) expenses of the camp and how we fund this.
As we are non-profit, you can set donations off against tax liability.