The moles (Die Maulwürfe )

This year we’ll again have the pleasure of the kitchen collective “Maulwürfe” (= moles, cooking tasty, vegan food with us. 🙂

Kitchen for everybody

Their aim is to be a “kitchen for everybody”. So, neither money nor individual allergies etc. should be obstacle in getting their food.

Support the kitchen

If you want to support the moles, just speak to one of them at the kitchen. They’ll be happy about your request.
There are also task-and timetables for chopping, cleaning and so on. Just have a look at the info-board for further information!

Close to the kitchen you can find a place to wash he dishes. If you see a lot of dirty dishes, take it as a opportunity to help ;}

Allergies? Intolerances? Diet of choice?

Further below on this page you’ll find a form to send information about possible intolerances etc. The moles are pretty skilled and thoughtful at considering different needs.

When we’re serving the food, please quickly address your “concern”. We can then tell you which of the dishes on display you can eat, or possibly where to find dishes that we prepared and stashed especially for you.

Unfortunately it’s not possible for us to ensure certain meals to be free from traces, because we don’t have a seperated kitchen for that.
Dishwashing, storage of equipment and ingredients will inevitably lead to contamination. If traces are bothersome for you, please talk to us anyways. Together we can figure out how we can support you best.