Cancellation WLMW 2021, documentation and invitation

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Dear friends of the Wer-lebt-mit-wem!

In 2021 there won‘t be a Wer-lebt-mit-wem.

At the „Zukunftswerkstatt“ in July we discussed what needs to change so that the WLMW can go on. Organizing the camp needs to be less exhausting, should stay self-organized and should be fun! The camp needs to become a space that‘s more accessible and safer for everyone who feels connected to the topics of the camp. So far it has too often been a space where people experience disciminiation and don‘t get the neccesary support and not enough changes. Or they don‘t even come to the camp.

For more information about the process of the „Zukunftswerkstatt“ click here (only in German so far).

In order to organize the camp for 2021 we would need to start organizing it now. But we‘re in the middle of the process to try to change stuff. As long as we haven‘t implemented some changes the same old problems would get repeated. And we don‘t have the capacities for both processes at once.

We are thankful that the WLMW existed in its previous form. We know lots of people missed it this year and will miss it next year. But it can‘t/shouldn‘t go on like before and for this we need a break and time for learning and development.

There will be a „development group“ (or something like that) with different subgroups for different topics – that‘s the „we“ in this text, at the moment ca. 15 people. And we want to make sure that there are possibilities for the rest of the camp community to be part of the process. We don‘t know yet how that will work out. But we will make sure it does!

You‘re invited to be part of this group! Write to us (or ask us questions): info[at]

Don‘t want to be part of the group but would like to support us (by translating stuff, by supporting during our meetings with childcare or cooking or in other ways)? wlmw-unterstuetzerinnen-subscribe[at]

Would you rather give us a call? [sorry, we don‘t have a phone number yet. But we will!]

See you soon 🙂

the WLMW-Zukunfts/Weiterentwicklungs/Lern/……….-Gruppe

Die Zukunftswerkstatt wird mit 2500€ gefördert von der Hannchen-Mehrzweck-Stiftung ( Danke.